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Light Duty Robust Platform Step Ladder

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Ideal for light trade use, with a slim design and continuous handrail positioned extra high for ease and comfort in use.

Light Duty Robust Platform Step Ladder Features:
1. Lightweight yet robust construction
2. High continuous handrail for ease of use
3. Deep comfortable treads
4. Strong sturdy platform
5. 1-year warranty
6. 150kg work load capacity

Available Sizes:
1. 3 Treads - Platform Height 0.62m x Open Height 1.22m x Closed Height 1.33m x Width 0.44m x Open Depth 0.69m x Weight 3.50kg
2. 4 Treads - Platform Height 0.84m x Open Height 1.44m x Closed Height 1.57m x Width 0.46m x Open Depth 0.84m x Weight 4.00kg
3. 5 Treads - Platform Height 1.06m x Open Height 1.66m x Closed Height 1.81m x Width 0.49m x Open Depth 1.00m x Weight 5.00kg
4. 6 Treads - Platform Height 1.28m x Open Height 1.88m x Closed Height 2.04m x Width 0.51m x Open Depth 1.19m x Weight 5.50kg
5. 7 Treads - Platform Height 1.51m x Open Height 2.10m x Closed Height 2.28m x Width 0.53m x Open Depth 1.30m x Weight 6.00kg
6. 8 Treads - Platform Height 1.69m x Open Height 2.29m x Closed Height 2.54m x Width 0.56m x Open Depth 1.50m x Weight 7.00kg


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