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Non Slip Comfortable Platform Step Ladder

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The new Comfortable step ladder features extra deep 125mm treads, enhancing safety and comfort. The multifunction tray has a built in bucket hook and is securely set on the high safety rail. Additional features include a clean touch finish and rubber feet with a larger footprint than most standard steps, that maintain 100% ground contact to help reduce slip.

Non Slip Comfortable Platform Step Ladder Features:
1. Extra large 125mm deep safety treads
2. Rebated treads save on space when folded up
3. Multifunction tray for paint tins, tools etc
4. Integrated bucket hook
5. Ribbed platform to for extra grip
6. Large 100% surface area slip-resistant feet
7. 3 year warranty
8. 150kg work load capacity

Available Sizes:
1. 3 Treads - Platform Height 0.62m x Closed Height 1.36m x Open Footprint (0.44m x 0.65m) x Weight 3.5kg
2. 4 Treads - Platform Height 0.85m x Closed Height 1.60m x Open Footprint (0.47m x 0.78m) x Weight 4.3kg
3. 5 Treads - Platform Height 1.07m x Closed Height 1.83m x Open Footprint (0.50m x 0.95m) x Weight 5.2kg
4. 6 Treads - Platform Height 1.30m x Closed Height 2.07m x Open Footprint (0.52m x 1.08m) x Weight 6.1kg
5. 7 Treads - Platform Height 1.52m x Closed Height 2.32m x Open Footprint (0.54m x 1.25m) x Weight 7.0kg


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