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Platform Step Ladder EN131 Aluminium Light Duty

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Platform Step Ladder - Platform Step - Step ladder - Aluminium Ladder
The TB Davies light duty Platform Step is an ideal step for occasional use around your home or office. It folds to just 10cm width, making this an easy ladder to store when not in use. The all metal, aluminium construction gives you a solid ladder to work from, for example reaching high shelves.
Platform Step Ladder Fecture

-> A quality, all metal step ladder with EN 131 rating, a 150kg work load capacity and is lightweight and easy to operate. It's ideal for occasional use to reach high shelves in your home or office.
-> The high continuous handrail is easy to grip on to and maintain balance whilst reaching up, or use it to push your knees against when standing on the top platform.
-> Deep comfortable treads make it less tiring on your feet when using the step.
-> Strong sturdy platform that you can stand on or rest a paint can.
-> The step has a slim folding design and folds away to fit in just 10cm of storage space.
-> 1-year warranty / 150kg work load capacity / European EN131 Safety Standard.
Step ladder Dimensions

Tread CountPlatform Height Open Height Closed Height Width Open DepthWeight 
3 0.62m 1.22m 1.33m 0.44m 0.69m 3.50Kg
4 0.84m 1.44m 1.57m 0.46m 0.84m 4.00Kg
5 1.06m 1.66m 1.81m 0.49m 1.00m 5.00Kg
6 1.28m 1.88m 2.04m 0.51m 1.19m 5.50Kg
7 1.51m 2.10m 2.28m 0.53m 1.30m 6.00Kg
8 1.69m 2.29m 2.54m 0.56m 1.50m 7.00Kg

Size Available
Tread 3 - Platform Height 0.62m x Weight 3.50Kg
Tread 4 - Platform Height 0.84m x Weight 4.00Kg
Tread 5 - Platform Height 1.06m x Weight 5.00Kg
Tread 6 - Platform Height 1.28m x Weight 5.50Kg
Tread 7 - Platform Height 1.51m x Weight 6.00Kg
Tread 8 - Platform Height 1.69m x Weight 7.00Kg


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