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Heavy Duty Multi Position Lightweight Step Ladder

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Heavy Duty Multi Position Lightweight Step Ladder
Industrial Step Ladder
Heavy Duty Ladder
Telescopic Ladder
Industrial Ladders

The only multi-position stepladder in the world is also the most comfortable stepladder in the world. The heavy duty yet lightweight ladder is 5, 6, 7, and 8 tread stepladder, and is the only stepladder that can be safely used on stairs and sloping ground. No matter how you set it up, the patent-pending provides a comfortable standing platform, and the optional AirDeck utility tray and handrail (shown above but not included) makes standing at the top of the step ladder feel as good as standing on solid ground.

Never feel nervous on a stepladder again! No matter how you set it up, this step ladder provides a comfortable standing platform that offers heel-to-toe foot support at the top recommended step. The heavy duty rated, 150kg work load capacity is strong yet lightweight and the Select Step 5-8 is a 5, 6, 7, and 8-foot stepladder all in one. And because both sides telescope independently, you can use it safely on stairs and uneven surfaces. Hanging pictures or changing that impossible light bulb above the stairwell will never be easier.

Lightweight Step Ladder Features:
1. A 5,6,7 & 8 tread step ladder in one
2. Safe, easy staircase access
3. Deep 10cm serrated anti-slip treads
4. Extra wide base for added stability
5. Clean-touch anodised finish
6. Integrated moulded tool tray
7. Tip n glide wheels
8. 1-year warranty
9. 150kg work load capacity

Available Size:
Min. Platform Height 0.8mm x Max. Platform Height 1.6mm x Storage Height 1.54m x Min. Open Height 1.35m x Max. Open Height 2.15 x Weight 13.8


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