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Heavy Duty Industrial Aluminium Slip Resistant Safety Steps

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The industrial Safety Step is a unique combination of strength and simplicity featuring slip-resistant steps that give you unmatched comfort and stability. The Safety Step is constructed with super-strong, lightweight aerospace grade aluminium and operates so easily that you can open and close it with one hand. Its slim storage depth (12cm) will let you store it just about anywhere. Engineered for professional and industrial use the Safety Step is tested to hold up to 150kg on each step. This tough, compact stepladder can handle just about any task, from the lightest office chore to the heaviest industrial job.

Slip Resistant Safety Steps Features
1. Open and close it with one hand
2. Tough compact construction for industrial use
3. Folding safety bar with integrated tool tray (on 3 & 4 tread only)
4. Tip & Glide wheels for easy movement around site
5. Save space and store in only 127mm of space
6. Large 360mm deep ‘platform’ style treads
7. Lifetime Warranty
8. 150kg work load capacity

Available Sizes:
1. 2 Treads - Top Tread Height 0.45m x Closed Height 0.79m x Open Width 0.53m x Open Depth 0.58m x Weight 7.0kg
2. 3 Treads - Top Tread Height 0.67m x Closed Height 1.09m x Open Width 0.56m x Open Depth 0.86m x Weight 9.4kg
3. 4 Treads - Top Tread Height 0.89m x Closed Height 1.39m x Open Width 0.58m x Open Depth 1.14m x Weight 12.3kg


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