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Highly Stable Multi Mode Professional Extension Ladder

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The 3Way Combination ladder can be used in three separate modes using a simple sliding mechanism for quick and easy conversion. It quickly converts from a step ladder into a 2 section extension and stairwell ladder. The ladder comes with a stabiliser bar that adds extra comfort and stability and greatly helps to prevent the ladder from leaning side to side.

Multi Mode Extension Ladder Features
1. Use as a stairway ladder, step and double extension ladder
2. Stabiliser bar for additional stability
3. Anti-slip rungs for extra comfort
4. Can be used on stairs
5. 1-year warranty
6. 150kg work load capacity

Available Size:
1. Rung Count 7+7+7 - Nominal Length 2.0m x Closed Length 2.02m x Extended Length 3.14m x Storage Depth 0.15m x Stile Width 65m x Stile Depth 25m x Weight 17kg


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