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Industrial Lightweight Aluminium Ladder

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The lightweight multipurpose ladder is constructed of a special alloy that makes it 20% lighter than any comparable industrial-rated ladder. It also includes several innovative new features such as the lock hinge and the easy-to-use locks for quick adjustment. The wide-flared legs and aerospace-grade aluminum construction provide an unmatched feeling of safety and stability.

Lightweight Aluminium Ladder Features
1. 20% lighter than any comparable industrial-rated ladder
2. Easy-to-use lock for quick adjustment
3. Unmatched stability due to wide-flared legs
4. Highest quality construction from aerospace grade aluminium
5. Tip and glide wheels for manoeuvrability
6. Life time warranty
7. 150kg work load capacity

Availabe Sizes:
1. No. of Tread 4 - Min. Step Height 1.24 x Max. Step Height 2.15 x Min. Ext. Length 2.49 x Max. Ext. Length 4.22m x Trestle Height 0.91m x Open Width 0.59m x Min. Open Depth 0.96m x Max. Open Depth 1.48m x Weight 14.4kg
2. No. of Tread 5 - Min. Step Height 1.52 x Max. Step Height 2.67 x Min. Ext. Length 3.05 x Max. Ext. Length 5.35m x Trestle Height 0.91m x Open Width 0.66m x Min. Open Depth 1.13m x Max. Open Depth 1.88m x Weight 18.9kg
3. No. of Tread 6 - Min. Step Height 1.80 x Max. Step Height 3.18 x Min. Ext. Length 3.61 x Max. Ext. Length 6.45m x Trestle Height 0.91m x Open Width 0.73m x Min. Open Depth 0.00m x Max. Open Depth 0.00m x Weight 23.4kg


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