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Light Duty Non Slip Safety Step Ladder

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Ideal for accessing low shelves and wall cupboards. Features include deep comfortable platform treads with anti-slip rubber surface. Wide base for extra stability, slip resistant feet and a high knee rail for added safety.

Light Duty Non Slip SafetyStep Ladder Features
1. Large, non-slip rubber treads for extra safety
2. Folds away easily for storage
3. Smooth handrail surface that is comfortable to hold
4. Deep 260 x 380mm platform treads
5. 1-year warranty
6. 150kg work load capacity

Available Sizes:
1. Top Tread Height 0.48m x Open Height 1.00m x Closed Height 1.10m x Width 0.47m x Open Depth 0.47m x Weight 5.5kg
2. Top Tread Height 0.73m x Open Height 1.24m x Closed Height 1.30m x Width 0.49m x Open Depth 0.64m x Weight 7.2kg


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