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Light Duty Non Slip Steps With Aluminium Treads

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Ideal for quick and easy access to shelves, high cabinets or even ceilings. When you need to get up high quickly, these folding steps with the large sitting area will always come in handy.

Light Duty Non Slip Steps Features:
1. Tough, light and handy
2. Very compact, can be stowed away in the smallest of spaces
3. Deep ribbed aluminium treads with large sitting area
4. Ribbed feet
5. 1-year warranty
6. 150kg work load capacity

Availabe Sizes:
1. 2 Treads - Platform Height 0.40m x Open Height 0.40m x Closed Height 0.46 x Width 0.43m x Open Depth 0.45m x Weight 2.0kg
2. 3 Treads - Platform Height 0.62m x Open Height 0.62m x Closed Height 0.69 x Width 0.44m x Open Depth 0.63m x Weight 3.0kg


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