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Heavy Duty Industrial Non Slip Swingback Step Ladder

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The Industrial swingback step ladder is constructed from heavy duty channel section stiles with riveted treads. Comes with hinged metal locking stays and reinforced bracing on the rear stays for greater stability.

Non Slip Swingback Step Ladder Features
1. Heavy duty serrated treads
2. Hinged metal locking stays
3. Box section back legs with heavy duty bracing
4. Non-slip rubber feet
5. 5-year warranty
6. 175kg work load capacity

Availabe Sizes:
1. Open Height 0.59m x Closed Height 0.68m x Open Width 0.36m x Open Depth 0.48m x Weight 2.6kg
2. Open Height 0.81m x Closed Height 0.91m x Open Width 0.39m x Open Depth 0.63m x Weight 3.2kg
3. Open Height 1.03m x Closed Height 1.16m x Open Width 0.41m x Open Depth 0.78m x Weight 3.9kg
4. Open Height 1.26m x Closed Height 1.40m x Open Width 0.43m x Open Depth 0.94m x Weight 4.9kg
5. Open Height 1.71m x Closed Height 1.89m x Open Width 0.48m x Open Depth 1.24m x Weight 6.3kg
6. Open Height 2.17m x Closed Height 2.39m x Open Width 0.53m x Open Depth 1.53m x Weight 7.7kg
7. Open Height 2.62m x Closed Height 2.87m x Open Width 0.58m x Open Depth 1.84m x Weight 9.6kg


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