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Non Conductive Fibreglass Professional Platform Step Ladder

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GRP glass fibre trade platform step ladders, that every electrician should have a set of. Ideal for short duration work, in a spark risk environment. The combination of super-strong C-section glass fibre stiles and reinforced aluminium treads gives you a durable yet lightweight and easy to handle step

Fibreglass Professional Platform Step Ladder Features:
1. Deep serrated aluminium treads
2. Non conductive fibreglass stiles for electrical work
3. Built in tool tray
4. Large non-slip rubber feet
5. 3-year warranty
6. 150kg work load capacity

Available Sizes:
1. 4 Treads - Platform Height 1.10m x Open Height 1.71m x Closed Height 1.83m x Width 0.52m x Open Depth 1.10m x Weight 8.5kg
2. 5 Treads - Platform Height 1.38m x Open Height 1.99m x Closed Height 2.13m x Width 0.55m x Open Depth 1.29m x Weight 9.5kg
3. 6 Treads - Platform Height 1.66m x Open Height 2.27m x Closed Height 2.43m x Width 0.58m x Open Depth 1.49m x Weight 10.5kg
4. 8 Treads - Platform Height 2.23m x Open Height 2.84m x Closed Height 3.03m x Width 0.64m x Open Depth 1.90m x Weight 14.0kg
5. 10 Treads - Platform Height 2.80m x Open Height 3.41m x Closed Height 3.63m x Width 0.70m x Open Depth 2.29m x Weight 18.0kg


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