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Silver Trade Telescopic Industrial Surveyor Ladder

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Silver Trade Telescopic  Industrial Surveyor Ladder
Designed for professional surveyors, the Surveyor Ladder has 900mm sections that connect to form a single length ladder.Simply connect the required sections to get the length that you need to reach. Metal spigots add strength and a wing nut securely locks the sections in place, minimising the need for tools.Constructed from lightweight aluminium oval box section stiles, the sections are fitted with deeply serrated round rungs for extra grip and so that the ladder works either way up.The surveyor ladder is fitted with oversized replaceable rubber feet.A handy storage strap keeps all the sections together when not in use. Available in 3, 4, 5 & 6 sections with 3 rungs per section help this ladder fit in the boot of most saloon cars.

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