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Non Slip Telescopic Ladder With 1 Year Warranty

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Tougher, stronger and taller than any other telescopic ladder in the world with a new oversize construction for the industrial user and fully certified to EN131. The new telescopic ladder has thicker extruded 6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminium tube making it extremely robust with good corrosion resistance and high tensile strength typically used in heavy-duty structures including helicopter rotor skins, motor boats, military bridges and rail coaches.

Compact Performance
Whilst the it is the first Telescopic Ladder of its kind to deliver EN131 performance at an extended length of 4.4m it can still compact down to only 88cm. This makes the it perfect for the commercial contractor to store in a van or pickup truck. The compact design makes it easy to get a 4.4m ladder easily through a house or business premises allowing you to reach flat roofs and first floor windows with comfort and ease.

Strength and Durability
The powerful stile sections made from extruded 6061 aluminium that is 14% larger than the best-selling series ensure rigidity and reduce bounce. The aerospace grade tube has been over tested to an incredible 195kg surpassing the standard requirement of EN131.

Black Armour
The black powder coated armour protect it from daily handling and usage. The thick outer coating increases corrosion resistance and hardens the surface with a strong and resistant finish to withstand all types of weather. The armour also helps prevent residue sticking to its surface and assists lubrication to ensure smooth operation.

Over-tested to 195kg
This telescopic ladder has been independently tested to EN131 and over-tested using the same procedures to a massive 195kg whilst passing the arduous requirements of EN131.

Slip Resistant Feet
Large over molded rubber feet ensure maximum ground cover and slip resistance.

Always the Correct Height
You can open your telescopic ladder from a closed height of 88cm right up to 4.4m in one rung increments to the precise height you require.

Slip Resistant Treads
Unique patented technology securely located each tread into the tubular stile sections. Each tread has eight ribs to reduce slip and provide maximum grip when climbing.

Tough Nylon Couplings
The impact modified Nylon 66 couplings deliver brute strength and high impact resistance for use in the most demanding commercial environments. Designed specifically for intensive use to have excellent chemical resistance and can be used in high heat environments.

Telescopic Ladder Features
1. Extends and locks rung by rung up to 4.35m
2. Heavy wall 6061 aluminium construction
3. 14% larger tubes than plus series
4. Tough nylon couplings
5. Tough black powder coated finish
6. Ergonomic easy to use design
7. Over tested to 195kg
8. Padded carry handle
9. Slip resistant feet
10. 1-year warranty
11. 150kg work load capacity

Availabe Size:
Closed Length 0.87m x Extended Length 4.35m x Width 0.49m x 15.7kg - No. of Rungs 15

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